i-lipo The intelligent alternative to Liposuction

If the sagging fat on body is bothering you but you do not have the heart for any surgical procedure like liposuction or tummy tuck, i-lipo is just the solution for you. But i-lipo does not work alone; rather you have to undergo intense physical exercise immediately after the treatment in order to excrete the fat cells from your body.

What is i-lipo?

i-lipo or Intelligent laser lipolysis is the smart use of low intensity lasers to induce a natural reaction in the fat cells of the body. Whenever the body needs to use stored fat, the fat cells are broken into glycerol and fatty acids that are in turn transported to the muscles that metabolize and use them. While it is extremely difficult to target a particular pocket of stored fat on your body by exercise, the same is facilitated by bombarding the area with low intensity lasers that break the fat cells for metabolism.

Once the fat cells have been broken, their components move out of the cell membrane, join the blood supply and spread throughout the body. Once the treatment is over, the patient is encouraged to exercise in order to burn up the fat cells and excrete it in urine. In case the same is not metabolized, it is likely to get deposited again and the effects of treatment would not be long lasting.

Advantages of i-lipo

i-lipo is a modern fat reduction procedure with promising result. A few of the advantages include:-

  1. It is an effective and proven way of reducing fat up to 30% in a single treatment and the results improve further with more sessions.
  2. The procedure uses low intensity laser cells that do not carry any abnormal effects on any part of the body and it can be done safely on all sort of skin and health conditions.
  3. The procedure is painless and all the hassles like anesthesia, incisions and recovery are avoided. The patient does not need any post treatment care and can continue with his routine activities.
  4. The effects are immediately visible and you can see them using a measuring tape. You can lose 2-4 cm of fat on your abdomen with every treatment.
  5. The procedure is less expensive as compared to liposuction and other fat removal techniques.
  6. It is easier to target selected parts of body that can’t be toned by diet and exercise alone. Laser pads are easy to position over any part of body.

Disadvantages of i-lipo

i-lipo treatment has a few cons too that are listed below:-

  1. Amount of fat removed in every session is quite less as compared to liposuction. The individual has to undergo physical exercise to get rid of the fat from body which may not be possible for people with a heart condition.
  2. One session is not enough and you have to undergo the treatment repeatedly in order to get the desired results

Below are some selected real user testimonials we have put together for you.

Real user i lipo reviews and testimonials:

1. Sheol lost over 12 inches :

My name is Sheol and I would just like to share with you my testimony about the results I have achieved since I started my i lipo sessions. I started with two sessions which I was skeptical whether they will work. However, with dedication to my workouts and many trips to the laser clinic, I have lost over 12 inches over my torso and to me this is amazing. I am 56 years old and at this age, things tend to drop and you do not want to see this. However, with exercises and I lipo sessions, I feel like a completely new person and appreciate the treatment much.

2. Maguy:

It was hard for me to get reviews on I lipo and that’s when I decided to start my journey and share with people about my experience. I don’t like cosmetic treatments and surgery and that’s how I settled for I lipo since it is non-invasive and non surgical. I have had measurable results and every time I come for treatment, I am able to not only feel but also see some changes. The treatment is painless and great for all body parts apart from the breasts. The sessions take 20 minutes, I combine this with 30 minutes in treadmills, and the results are really cool.

3.Success Story:

When I started i lipo treatment, I knew I had to eat right and therefore did not eat carbohydrates and some other foods that morning. This was to help the equipment target the body fat rather than the carbs in the body. Eating healthy and attending my treatment sessions has helped me enjoy my favorite dress size so far. I have combined the treatment with cardio workouts and proper diet and I’ve literally shed off fat inches from my belly.


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