Lipo Cavitation: Reviews, Real Testimonials, Side Effects

What is Lipo Caviation ?

Lipo Cavitation is an FDA approved proprietary brand of laser lipolysis technology, in which an application of the external laser is applied to your skin to remove the fat from a targeted area under ultrasound guided device.

It’s one of many ways to get rid off fat and extra weight, yet it’s fast, non-invasive, and safe surgical procedure. Unlike liposuction procedures – where a cannula is used to suck out fat from under your skin- Lipo Cavitation doesn’t involve the use of a cannula. It’s a painless outpatient procedure that doesn’t require anesthesia.

How Lipo Cavitation works?

During the Lipo Cavitation procedure, a certain amount of gel is applied to the area of your skin where excess fat needs to be removed, and with the ultrasound device applied to this area, the ultrasonic waves directed only to the fat cells and damage the their membranes during a 20 to 30 minute session, resulting in removal of the fat through a similar mechanism which the body use to resolve fat.

3 real-life Reviews and Testimonials:


I had an extra weight around my abdomen, after 5 treatments, I lost almost 6 pounds, you can see my abdominal muscle now and the waist has lost inches.



Bridget Brady
I’m 40 years old mother of two boys, and I’m working Mom. After my last recent pregnancy, no matter how much I follow diet plans and exercise, there still a couple areas of my body that I like to be a little tighter and reduce the fat on those loose areas….



I’m 60 years old, and I’ve tried for years to lose some weight around my stomach and my thighs, but nothing worked, I went to the gym, I followed diet, with no signage results.. I went to the clinic and had 6 sessions of Lipo laser and the results were amazing…

What areas can be treated with Lipo Cavitation?

Belly, waist, buttocks,thigh, calf.

What do Lipo Cavitation treatments feel like?

When CAV 40K work,can hear zizizi voice like hexapod sound. body can feel warm and little vibrate.

How many treatments will I need?

First week: 3 times.

Second/Third week: 2 times.

After that 1 session / week is enough until you are satisfied with the results

Lipo Cavitation Side Effects

Although Lipo Cavitation is a painless, non-invasive technique with no known side effects so far; however, if you have darker skin, a pigmentation spots may appear after the procedure, but they should go away on their own after a while. Also in some cases, temporary bruising, mild swelling or reddening of the skin has been reported.


Here is a list of other, less common, possible side effects:

  • Blood Clots
  • Peripheral Nerve Injury
  • Seromas

You should discuss the risks with your therapist/doctor, according to your general health condition.


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