What is Lipo Laser?

Lipo Laser is a non-invasive device used to remove body fats while at the same time sculpting the body. The treatment is considered effective and safe based on different Lipo Laser reviews and therefore worth considering.

Does Lipo Laser work?

To answer this question, first you will need to understand how the procedure works. Lipo Laser treatment is designed to target fat cells in the body, thus helping them to release the fat. This is done by stimulating fat cells using controlled laser light thus making their walls more permeable, allowing for a release of the fat. Lipo Laser works effectively if combined with exercises and diet thus making it hard for the fat to be reabsorbed back into the cells while at the same time preventing the addition of unnecessary fat into the body.

Lipo Laser vs. Laser Lipo

This is a common question among many people who actually find it hard to differentiate between Lipo Laser and Laser Lipo, because even if the names seems identical but in fact they are totally different from each other.

Lipo Laser helps by puncturing and draining the fat cells but these still remain in the body and therefore can grow if you consume more calories than you burn. Lipo Laser treatment is therefore ideal if you are able to watch your diet and exercise regularly. There are different Lipo Laser brands.


Some of the Lipo Laser brands include:

  • Strawberry Lipo,
  • LumiSlim,
  • i-Lipo
  • Zerona

On the other hand Laser Lipo offers more advantages than Lipo Laser because the treatment helps remove fat cells from the body completely.

Laser Lipo or Laser Liposuction is available in different brand names including:

All these brands vary in terms of construction, operation and cost.


Lipo Laser cost in USA

Lipo Laser costs in USA ranges from $1200 to 1800 per session depending on the location, and body parts to be treated. One will need approximately six to twelve treatment sessions for the required results to be achieved. On the other hand, Lipo Laser cost in Mexico ranges from $800 to $1,000 based on the aforementioned factors. It is good to note that different body parts are charged differently since areas such as the stomach are divided into two parts with each part costing approximately $1,000.


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