Youthful bustline is a dream for women of all ages and breast implants make this a reality. Breast implants are a solution to naturally small or deformed breasts and the same may be used by plastic surgeons for treatment and firming of soggy breasts into perky tops. In fact, breast augmentation surgery using breast implants is the most common kind of plastic surgery conducted worldwide.

Interestingly, this technique is not restricted to women alone but men desiring more masculine look also undergo breast implant surgery to enhance their pectoral muscles.

Types of Breast implants

The patients have to choose from two types of breast implants:-

  1. Silicone breast implants are composed of a rubbery bag made of silicone that is filled with silicone gel. They feel more natural to touch but in case they rupture, the silicone gel is not absorbed by body and immediate medical treatment is necessary. They are costlier in comparison with saline implants.
  2. Saline Breast Implants are made up of silicone bag filled with a saline solution (salt in water) that even if ruptured inside body, does not carry a health risk since the saline solution is absorbed by body. These implants are cheaper but their feel is a bit different from natural.

Cost of Breast Implants

The cost of breast implants is lesser in comparison with the cumulative cost of the entire procedure that includes anesthesia charges, doctor’s fee and hospital dues. While breast implants cost roughly around $1000 but the total procedure in USA may cost you anything from $5000 to $15000. The cost is different for different geographical locations and it also varies from clinic to clinic.

The consultation before actual surgery is an important aspect that should not be neglected. It affords you an opportunity to discuss your expectations out of the surgery and also help the surgeon in deciding correct position for implants and the type of scar to use.

Risks associated with Breast Implants

Breast implants may change your life by enhancing your looks but they carry few risks that must be understood before you step in for surgery. These include:-

  1. Breast implants do not interfere with breast feeding your child but few women may feel difficulty in breast feeding due to positioning of implants.
  2. It is difficult to diagnose the cases of breast cancer using mammography in women having breast implants.
  3. Women may feel a loss of sensation in the breasts and nipple area after the implants and this condition can become permanent too.
  4. Poorly positioned or large implants may cause a condition known as double bubble that indicates a deformity.
  5. Scars may get infected or make a firm lump that feel strange to touch.


Recovery process for breast augmentation surgery is similar to other cosmetic surgeries performed under a general anesthesia. The patient has to undergo post- operative care for a night while the scars heal up in about ten day time. However, physical activity is not recommended until 4-6 weeks after the procedure.

Breast implants are a permanent solution to soggy and small breasts. They help you look younger and increase personal confidence.

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