If you are shy of showing your body in swimwear because of sagging fat and skin, tummy tuck is the treatment that you need. It is relatively expensive in comparison with the liposuction but has a pronounced effect on redefining your body curves and making you look athletic and muscular.

What is Tummy Tuck?

Tummy tuck is known as abdominoplasty in medical circles and involves removal of fat cells from the abdomen and altering the skin by trimming and sutures that help improve the look of the tummy. It is particularly popular among women who after childbirth want to regain their old figure. Known as Mommy Makeover, the procedure is carried out with breast implants.

Ideal Candidate

An ideal candidate for tummy tuck should not be overtly obese and the weight range must be near the ideal maximum for his or her age. Skin elasticity is not a requirement as the surgeons also tuck away the excess, sagging skin during the procedure. Overall personal health is extremely important as it is not done in patients with heart conditions or other health complication.

The Cost of Tummy Tuck

The cost of tummy tuck depends on following factors:-

  1. The location of the clinic and the cost of facility which is likely to increase in case a night stay for post-operative recovery is scheduled.
  2. The fee of the surgeon that is dependent on his experience and level of certification
  3. Cost of anesthesia as the procedure is performed under a general anesthesia

Typically, cost of tummy tuck in USA ranges from $8000 to $ 18000 depending upon the healthcare facilities utilized during and after the procedure.


One has to be realistic about the outcomes of the procedure and detailed discussions with the doctor beforehand are very helpful as they make you understand the likely risks associated. The foremost risk is dissatisfaction with the results followed by complications caused due to anesthesia. Since it is essentially a surgery, the risk of infection, formation of clots and accumulation of fluids under the skin can’t be ruled out.


The recovery process after tummy tuck involves a night stay for post-operative observation and care. The anesthesia takes some time to wear off and the patient is required to wear toning garment over the treated area. Sutures take about 7-10 days to heal but the patient is advised to avoid physical activities for at least 4-6 weeks. Care during the recovery stage is extremely important as it not only affects the outcome of the procedure but also helps reduce the risks associated with tummy tuck procedure.

Tummy tuck is a costly procedure to help improve your abdominal outlook through plastic surgery but it is, in no way, a means of weight reduction. The results of the procedure are greatly influenced by the skill of the doctor and overall physical health of the patient.

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