Optifast diet has been one of the most used weight loss programs in the market since its introduction in 1974. Optifast is both safe and effective especially for people who wish to shed off more than 40 pounds or those who have some urgent health risks. The low-carbohydrate, low-calorie regimen mainly consists of liquid meals and helps enhance the body’s ability to burn fat through a process known as ketosis.

Optifast 800 &  Optifast 70

Optifast comes in two different lines namely Optifast 800 and Optifast 70. Optifast 800 meals normally contain between 160 and 200 calories in addition to around 10g to 23g of carbohydrates. On the other hand, Optifast 70 meals come with 80 calories plus 5g to 10g of carbs. Optifast 70 gives 400 calories and 50g of carbohydrates on a 5-meal daily program whereas Optifast 800 offers 800 calories and 100g carbohydrates.


Both Optivast and Medifast are liquid diets with two different results. Optifast is considered more effective compared to Medifast as reports have indicated that Optifast users normally lose 52 pounds during the first 22 weeks of diet usage. On the other hand, reports have shown that Medifast users can lose 2 to 5 pounds every week during the 16 weeks of weight loss program. Both diets work well if combined with exercises, and should not be used in a prolonged period to avoid possible health complications.


There are many Optifast success stories which you can refer to before starting on the diet. These real user testimonies can help know what you are to expect during the diet phase and act as an encouragement throughout the dieting period:

1.Tony: 68 Pounds Lost

is a 56 year old man who weighed 233 pounds at 5ft 8-inches, before he started using Optifast diet. He was obese but after using the diet as required, Tony lost 68 pounds. He had high cholesterol concentration and almost had diabetes owing to high levels of blood sugar. He is living a healthy life and feels much better about himself.Source

2.Marnie: 40 Pound Lost

had a bad eating habit that made her increase weight drastically. Her problem is that he was thin when growing up but in her 30s and 40s, she put on weight unexpectedly owing to poor portion sizes and bad eating habits. She tried every method she knew to reduce her weight but these were unsuccessful. After using optifast diet, she lost 40 pounds and now feels better. She can also enjoy better quality sleep. Source

3.Jonathan: 81 Pounds Lost

Jonathan used to be active during his high school years. He would play football and therefore considered it to be alright to be overweight since this was needed in the game. However, he started gaining weight after completing high school to a point where he put on 70 pounds within a very short time. At one point, he weighed over 310 pounds and knew this would hinder him from pursuing his dream to become a police officer. After using optifast diet, he lost 81 pounds and according to him, he feels strong and in better shape. Source

There are many other optifast success stories recorded all over the internet which you should read and consider as well.


The cost of optifast is largely dependent on a number of things. First, buying the diet online allows you to access the diet cheaply as opposed to buying it from local dealers. Additionally, the packaging weight also contributes to the cost as does the different flavors. However, you can expect to pay $1,260 on average for the 6-month diet.

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