In 2006 the FDA approved the Smart Lipo technology, which is a brand name for a weight lossĀ  procedure named laser liposuction.

If you make some research you will actually find many Smart Lipo reviews which will actually take away any doubts that you might have. What is not so easy to be found though, is an average Smart Lipo cost per area of the body that you will have to pay if you decide to proceed with it.

First of all what you need to keep in mind is that the final cost of a Smart Lipo, depends on many variables; the main two are the area (how big or small it is) and the amount of areas.

Smart Lipo Cost For The Abdomen:

Starting with the abdomen which is one of the most asked areas for smart lipo, the average price around the USA is approximately 5,000$ to 6000$. The same cost is for areas like inner or outer Thighs, Hips, Waist, Arms and Forearms.

Smart Lipo Cost For The Chin, Cheeks or Neck:

If you decide for a smaller area, like the Chin, Cheeks or Neck you can expect to be asked for about 2,500$ to 3,500$.

Smart Lipo Cost For The Back or male Chest:

Last but not least, for areas like Back or male Chest the average is around 3,000$ to 4,000$.

These prices though are in case that you will decide to do these areas on their own. In case you need more areas to be done, after the first area you can expect about 50% off to every second or third one. Practically that means that if you want to have smart lipo for your abdomen you will have to pay 5,000$ while on the same time for both abdomen and thighs the price will be only 7,500$.

Bear in mind that every Smart Lipo cost per area mentioned in this article, also includes the price of any additional charges (eg. anesthesia). The reason that you have to be careful about it, is because in some Smart Lipo reviews you might see charges significantly lower, and most likely this will be why.

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